Recap August 20, 2016 SAC Park Butte Lookout Work Party

We had a great SAC Work Party at the PBLO on Saturday, August 20, 2016.  A big thank you to these folks for coming out on a sunny and warm day:  Ginny Darvill, Dennis Clark, Paul and Laurie Sherman, Darla and Zachery Tucker, Lynn Postler, Craig Emery, Andy Heiser, Marie McNabb, Isabelle Rollins, John and Marie Erbstoeszer. Also a big thank you to Steve Zellerhoff, who earlier rebuilt and installed the new interior door and to Jim Asa for again lending tools. In addition to SAC members, we were accompanied by Ethan Welty, a professional photographer from Boulder, Colorado, who is researching lofty WA fire lookouts which are available for overnight stays.   An article will be coming out in Preservation Magazine sometime in the spring of 2017. 

With this talented, eager, helpful and fun group we accomplished the following:  finishing the fitting of all of the shutters including new hardware; glazing new glass for the new interior door and a NW side window; adding a second coat of paint to the new shutters and weathered sections of the Lookout and railings, finishing the installation of the new interior door, breaking down the old door and carrying it out.  Whew – lots of work and still finished up by late afternoon! 

We’re attaching some photos of a great day. 

Thanks again to all! 

John and Marie Erbstoeszer


Volunteer Stewards for the PBLO

with the Skagit Alpine Club