Skagit Alpine Club Climbers Contribute To Science


What a great weekend for the SAC!  I'm stoked that so many of us were outside enjoying the mountains.  

As for this debris slide, I figured someone would have reported this already, but since I didn't see any reference to it in the link that Ben sent out after the climb,   I decided to send the volcano research team a quick "FYI." As it turns out...we were almost certainly the first people to see this bad boy up close and personal! I guess that   isn't too surprising since this was the first good weather weekend for climbing Baker since mid May. For reference, a friend of mine skied this route in early May and the debris    slide hadn't happened at that point...if you haven't seen the information related to this phenomenon, check out the link below ((thanks Ben!):


It turns out this has generated quite a bit of interest from the MBVRC and Bellingham Herald, so keep your eyes peeled for more to come!


You are all so rad,  Corey