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February 2024 Newsletter

Updated: Jan 31

February Meeting:

  • No meeting month!

  • Instead, please join us for Ski weekend! We'd love to see you up at Baker even if you can't make it for the whole weekend.

Ski Weekend Updates:

Weekend: February 23-25 (Friday night through Sunday morning)

- Friday dinner at Chair 9 at 6:30pm, cost of pizzas covered by SAC.

- Potluck dinner at 6pm Saturday night at the lodge. SAC members welcome to join for dinner even if not staying the night.

- Check out Sunday morning by 11am.


- 12 rooms available for reservation. There is still availability to reserve for 3 rooms.

- Must have active membership paid for 2024.


- $175 per room for the whole weekend if you pay online. (Email for payment link.)

March Meeting:

Wednesday, March 6th – 7:00pm-9:00pm

  • We invite everyone to join us for our annual Gear Swap! Bring your new and old gear that you'd like to pass on to the next generation of BMC students and fellow club members.

  • We also hope to have an informational session about safety and stories from the mountains from a local group. More to come!

BMC Update:

BMC is moving forward with planning. We are excited to be starting the course in mid-March with a full class (plus a waitlist). We are planning to host some fitness training hikes between now and then. If you are interested in attending or "hosting" a hike, please email

Trip Reports:

It's Ice Climbing Season!

As the recent record-setting cold snap rolled in, multiple SACsters could be found sharpening their picks & crampons in preparation.  

Billy started off with a nice warmup climb at John Pierce waterfall, before heading out on an ice climbing trip to Cody WY.  

Setting up the rappel on John Pierce Waterfall

Hiking towards ‘Bozo’s Revenge’ in Cody WY.

Meanwhile Josh got in some fun ice climbing at Alpental and dry tooling at Exit 38!

Josh on a nice ice pitch.

Josh mixing it up at Exit 38

Josh & Billy prepping to climb ‘Pure Energy’ & ‘SplashDown’

Both met up in Hyalite Canyon for some more climbing, and then traveled to Canmore a few weeks later to find even more ice! Sherman and Varun went ice climbing around Canmore Alberta for 5 days. One of the days started at -20F and our eye lids were freezing together while climbing above an open water hole at the base of the ice. One of the walls we went to was a little thin so we got to do some mixed climbing as well.

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