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June 2023 Newsletter

Skagit Alpine Club Newsletter

June, 2023

Next Meeting: SAC Annual Picnic at Bowman Bay, Wednesday, July 12th, 6pm to 9pm.

Bring a kite, bring a paddle board or kayak, or really whatever you feel like (particularly a dish to share) and join us at Bowman Bay in Deception Pass State Park for the annual SAC Picnic. Potluck dinner starts around 6pm and all vehicles will need a Discover Pass or Day Pass, and given the popularity of this park car pooling is highly encouraged.

BMC 2023 Wrap Up: Write up and Photos courtesy Juliet Evans:

The Basic Mountaineering Course 2023 Wrapped up for the year! Due to the schedule changes, we had three attempts at Mount Baker for their final challenge, and two of the three trips were able to summit with weather conditions being favorable. These recent graduates have to mountaineering like a fish to water, and since those summit trips, many have jumped in to climb Dragontail Peak, North Twin Sister and Rainier! If you have a trip and want to invite some new SAC members, please reach out to and we can share the invite!

August Meeting: No meeting month. We will be back in September for our regular meeting where we will hear from members about their Summer climbing experiences.

As always, feel free to send in any trai

l reports and photos!

Climb On!

Sean W. Seymour

“Mountains are not stadiums, do not have audience or crowd. They are the cathedrals of the earth, wilderness areas where one can escape the artificiality and noise of civilization, climb for weeks or months, survey the panorama, commune with the silent snows and timeless stars.”

-Tenzing Norgay

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