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May 2020 Newsletter

Updated: May 5, 2020

Quote: "Learn to love what you’ve been taught to fear.” – Felix Baumgartner

NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: I’ve been lucky enough to have room to practice my z pulley, prusik and winching skills cutting down trees while avoiding crushing our house. For those without as much room, stay strong, dream and plan. This too shall pass.


Jarek starting the Vallee Blanche tour with the Aguille du Midi in the background. (Photo Courtesy: Jarek Kotlarzcyk)

May Meeting:

Date/Time: Wednesday, May 6, 2020, at 7:00pm` Location: The comfort of your own home on the digital device of your choice. We're going to try a Zoom meeting this month! Be on the lookout for the link to the meeting either on our website or via email.

Program: Namastayathome..... Mind Surfing the Himalayas

Face it. At this point of the shelter-in-place orders, you're desperate for just about any form of entertainment that involves scenes from outside your house or neighborhood. Even scans of slides from a month long trip to Nepal's Khumbu region in 2004. Slides??? Sure, because who wouldn't want to see life before a little screen at your fingertips? Or maybe what Jason Griffith looked like with a full head of hair? It has to be better than checking the latest COVID news. Or, maybe it won't be. But what else are you going to be doing on a Wednesday night?

Be well, everyone. See you soon.

Jarek enjoying lunch halfway down the Vallee Blanche tour and the spectacular views.

Skagit Alpine Club Meeting Notes: Apr, 2020

No notes as the meeting was canceled due to the Coronavirus.

New Business:

SAC Leavenworth weekend has been canceled due to the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak. Here’s to hoping we can get back to climbing soon.

Old Business:

The new year means dues are due! With the cancellation of the BMC, we need your dues now more than ever. As of right now, we cannot afford our expenses. I hope our 60th anniversary is not the same year we closed because we ran out of funds. You can pay your dues through the website.

Park Butte Stewardship

Travis and Eniko are now proud parents, and as a result are looking to pass on the Park Butte Stewardship. The job mostly entails organizing the annual work party. For more details, please see the description Travis wrote in the March newsletter or reach out directly to him at

If you ski inside the crevasse, you can’t fall into it. (Photos Courtesy: Jarek Kotlarzcyk)

SAC 60th Anniversary!

Help us celebrate 60 years of SAC by climbing mountains (when they open again…)! The club will attempt to summit all the Skagit 60 peaks in 2020 to commemorate the formation of the club in 1960. Details on trip planning and progress will appear on the website and will be discussed at monthly meetings. There is a mountain on the list for every ability and every season, so get out there and climb in 2020! And when you send big (or small) please spray about it, using Trip Report tool Raymond built. And pictures! Cause I know most of you have some form of ADD when it comes to reading vs looking at climbing porn pictures!

The editor on the Frendo Spur outside of Chamonix, almost underneath the Aguille du Midi cable car. (Photo: Dave Hollinger)

The website used to track our progress is now live at You will also be able to find a link on

Please go to and sign up with the email you are receiving this newsletter with. After you sign up for an account you will be able to the following:

· Tick peaks

· Add interest in climbing peaks so others can contact you when they go to climb the peak

· Submit trip reports

There will be a live leader board on the site. This will be a great way to have a centralized tracking system for this awesome goal.

If you have any issues please contact our amazing webmaster, Raymond Devries, at

As of now, there are still 54 peaks left to tick!

Basic Mountaineering Course:

The BMC is canceled. We’re considering rescheduling parts of the course as shorter weekend trips, so stay tuned for more information as the summer goes on.

Trip Report:

Dusty sent me this incredible throwback report from 2018. Rather than truncate it here, please check out the link. It’s insane!

The views from the Alps rarely disappoint. (Photo Courtesy: Jarek Kotlarzcyk)

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