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October 2020 Newsletter

“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald

NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: You probably noticed I didn’t get a newsletter out last month. I was finishing up work on our van and packing for an amazing trip that started with bison in Yellowstone and ended after 9” of snow in Colorado. As I watched the scrub oak and aspen change colors in a week, I realized fall is here. But that doesn’t mean it’s time to stop enjoying life outdoors.


Juliet embarking on another adventure, complete with mountaineering boots. (Photo courtesy: Juliet Holzknecht)

From the President

Greetings SAC,

I hope this finds everyone safe and well.

First, I’d like to recognize that club members have climbed 40 of the listed Skagit 60 peaks so far! Excellent work everyone! This has been a fun and exciting endeavor that turned out to be an excellent way for members to stay engaged with the club and the mountains during the pandemic. Well done.

On another note, club elections happen this November to appoint new officers for 2021. It’s time for fresh blood to help keep this amazing club going! Officer positions to be filled include President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

Descriptions of these roles are found in the SAC by-laws.

Estimated time dedicated per month (includes time present at monthly meetings):

President: 5-10 hours

Vice President: 1-3 hours

Secretary: 3-6 hours

Treasurer: 3-6 hours

A great bivy on the saddle below Little Devil. (Photo: Cameron Bigge)

Here's how the election process will go:

1) A nominating committee will be appointed at the October meeting.

2) During the month of October, club members will be invited to come forward and contact the nominating committee regarding their interest in the role of a club officer. The nominating committee will also seek out members who would be good candidates.

3) The Nominating Committee will submit a list of names for new officers (only one name for each officer role) at the November meeting. If there are additional nominations from members present at the November meeting, a vote by secret ballot will take place.

4) New officers will assume office in December.

In addition to officer elections, the Programs Committee chair is also going to be open and needs to be filled starting in December 2020. The description of this committee is in the SAC by-laws.

Thanks for reading and see you at the next meeting!


October Meeting:

Date/Time: Wednesday, October 7, 2020 at 7:00 p.m.

Program: SAC Trivia Night—Mountain Theme!

Grab some stacks, your favorite bevy, your mates, and come test your knowledge! There will be prizes. NOTE: Directions on how to join the trivia game are forthcoming.

Skagit Alpine Club Meeting Notes: Sep 2020

Without a meeting, we are without meeting notes. Can 2020 and the pandemic end already?

Leslie, Miyabi and Holly at Monogram Lake. (Photo: Anna Mostevetksy)

New Business:

December silent auction

We are planning an online Silent Auction for the first two weeks of December to help provide the club with a bit more funding. To do so, we will need auction items and lots of help! Items do not have to be expensive things to be awesome silent auction items! See the list of brainstorm ideas below to see if there is something you may be able to contribute to the cause:

· Are you skilled in paper quilling, photography, weaving, quilting, knitting, crocheting, painting, pottery, woodworking or any other creative area? Perhaps you could make something (or already have made something) that would be perfect for this!

· Dehydrated or prepacked meals package

· A weekend stay in a camper van

· Recipe book of your favorite foods for mountain adventures

· Assortment of beer/wines

· Porter service for a day to the basecamp of their choosing

· A basket of favorite adventure snacks

· A massage package

· Rent -a-belayer for a day!

· Surprising Summit costume box

· Good Reads for climbing, mountaineering, backcountry skiing, etc

· A post-adventure basket of food/drinks and/or Icy Hot/Ibuprofen?

· Outdoor gear you've never used?

Maybe you could win a weekend with Fleurette!? (Comet not included.) (Photo: Jason Griffith)

· None of these look like something you do, but you have some time and a phone? Maybe you want to help make a few calls to a couple businesses to see if they have SWAG options!

If you are willing to help with any of these (or have another fun idea to contribute) please let Juliet know at She will begin collecting items through October and prepare the auction plan in November. Once the auction opens, we can also use your help to get the word out about it, share it with friends and family. Maybe a few subtle hints at holiday presents you may want....;)

WA state bicycle and pedestrian count

The Washington State Bicycle and Pedestrian Count is back! It's happening this fall on October 20, 21 and 22 at a street or trail near you. To sign up today, head to: This data is important for measuring the number of people bicycling and walking on trails, bike lanes, sidewalks, and other facilities across the state.

Steve belays the editor on the Wolf’s Head. (East Ridge, 5.6 Grade IV) (Photo: Jason Griffith)

Old Business:

Basic Mountaineering Course 2021

The BMC steering committee will be (virtually) getting together soon to talk about the options available for BMC 2021. Our current idea is to follow the SafeStart Phases for Washington with aligned options that may be safe and legal, but may still allow us to teach some students and bring people into the club. If you would like to be part of this committee, please email by October 7th.

SAC 60th Anniversary!

Help us celebrate 60 years of SAC by climbing mountains! The club is attempting to summit all the Skagit 60 peaks in 2020 to commemorate the 60th anniversary. The website used to track our progress is

We’ve ticked 40 peaks so far! Don’t forget to write up those Trip Reports!\

Cameron on top of Big Devil during a great three day trip. (Photo Courtesy: Cameron Bigge)

SAC Leadership:


President – Andrea Bachman

Vice President: Phil Wilson

Treasurer – Jenna Price

Secretary – Leslie Parks


Climbing - Juliet Holzknecht

Program Jonathan Frostad

Newsletter – John Parks

Social - Karen Howard

Conservation - Miyabi Gladstein

Webmaster - Raymond DeVries

The amazing view from Big Devil, past the 6 Hellions to Fallen Angel and Middle Devil. (Photo: Cameron Bigge)

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