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October 2021 Newsletter

“The best way is always through.” – Robert Frost

NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: Apparently, fall arrived while I was working and in Colorado. The leaves are changing, the wood ducks are back on the pond and the deluge made it apparent, the summer is over.


Juliet on her way to the summit of Mt Ann with the every amazing Mt Shuksan in the background. (Photo Courtesy: Juliet Evans)

October Meeting:

Date/Time: Wednesday, October 6, 2021, at 7:00 p.m.

Location: The Burlington Public Library, located at 820 East Washington Avenue, one block south of Fairhaven at the corner of Washington Avenue and Holly Street.

Program: Andy from Vamos Outdoors will share about the work this group is doing for youth in the area. Vamos is a nonprofit based in Skagit, that helps "build community through connection to the land and access to the outdoors". They work with local youth and help provide trips to explore rock climbing, mountain biking, and other ways to experience the outdoors. They currently partner with AAI and the Mountaineers, and are interested in collaborating with us in some ways. See more at

On the downhill side of an Enchantments through hike. (Photo: Brendan Gabriel)

Skagit Alpine Club Meeting Notes: September 1, 2021

Dusty and Emily shared about the 2021 Adventure Racing World Championships in which they have already started! It started October 2. Their team name is Quest and you can check them on using the link below. The course is open for 7 days with the winning time expected at 4-5 days.

New Business:

Ski Weekend: The ski weekend with be February 25-27 with rooms costing $150. We will watch Covid trend and keep everyone updated as we get closer.

Park Butte Lookout:

The Park Butte Lookout is in great shape heading into autumn, thanks to the hard work of the many SACsters that volunteered on two work parties this month! The main goals for this year were to replace the shutter that was torn off in a windstorm last year and paint the railings around the deck. The work happened in three phases:

photo courtesy of Jonathan Frostad

Phase 1 -- Shutter pre-fabrication.

Genius builder and all around amazing problem solver Alex Kortuem drew up plans for the new shutter, ordered all the materials and had Phil Wilson and I (JFro) over to his house to cut and dry assemble the shutter in his shop. The fabrication went smoothly (I only bled a little bit after cutting myself with sharp things) and the shutter looked amazing mocked up on Alex's workbench. We packaged the parts up into manageable bundles to be hauled up to the lookout in Phase 2.

photo courtesy of Jonathan Frostad

Phase 2 - Transport, assembly and paint

On Saturday, Sept. 11th, Shutter Team 1, a crew of hardy SACsters, gathered in the early morning light at the Schreiber's Meadows parking lot, divvied up bundles of 7-foot-long boards, buckets of paint, boxes of screws, and bags of power tools, then headed up the trail. At the lookout, some folks tackled the shutter build while others scraped, sanded and put a coat of primer on all the deck rails. The team primed and put a first coat of paint on the shutter, and cleaned up the lookout. We wrapped things up and hit the trail back down the mountain just as the rain started to fall. Gary G. volunteered to stay the night in the lookout to defend the still wet rails and shutter, and then applied a second coat of paint the next morning. The shutter was left to cure inside the lookout, all cozy and dry.

photo courtesy of Jonathan Frostad

Phase 3 - Shutter install and rail painting

Two weeks later, Shutter Team 2 headed up to finish the job under bluebird skies. Team Leader Ellis P supervised the installation of the shutter and painting of the rails. The team tackled a few other minor repairs including installing new hooks on the main door and replacing a support stud on the north side railing. The team buttoned things up and headed back down to the cars just in time to cross the rapidly swelling Rocky Creek before it got too spicy.

photo courtesy of Jonathan Frostad

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