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Newsletter – February 2019

NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: Welcome to 2019! Bet you didn’t know it, but you received another, late and possibly mediocre holiday gift – ME, John Parks, as your new SAC Newsletter Editor. As those who know me can attest, I have zero artistic ability, very little style and no real sense of aesthetics. I mean, I think classy décor is the animal skull I have on the mantle of my fireplace. So, like I tell everyone who comes to my house for dinner, you get what you pay for! Like most of you, I’m busy and easily distracted by bright, shiny objects and pictures. So, I want to start publishing your photos in the newsletter. If I don’t get any photo submissions, expect to see a lot of my climbing photos of Leslie. Or possibly of my puppy. Please send me your trip reports for all of us to enjoy, and I can’t wait to see your pictures.


February Meeting

Date/Time: Wednesday, February 6, 2019, at 7:00 p.m. Location: The Burlington Public Library, located at 820 East Washington Avenue, one block south of Fairhaven at the corner of Washington Avenue and Holly Street. Program: John Parks (yep already writing in the third person...) will be reviewing crevasse rescue techniques so that we’re all schooled up for the BMC and for early spring trips as the cracks start to open up. Please bring your own harnesses, pulleys, belay devices, etc to make this class interactive!

Old Business

Dues are due!

Annual SAC member dues are $35.00 per family. Please pay your dues before March 2019 to avoid being dropped from the club. There are several convenient ways you can pay:

1. You can come to the next club meeting and bring a check or cash to our new treasure, Jenna Price

2. You can mail a check to Skagit Alpine Club to this address: P.O. Box 1054 Mount Vernon, WA 98273

3. You can pay through PayPal on our website.

Cac leading pitch 3 of the Beckey Route (SW Face) on Liberty Bell (5.6, Grade II) during the 2018 BMC.

Upcoming Events

The 2019 Basic Mountaineering Class is coming and registration is open! There will be a SAC Open House for the class on February 27 and the first outing will be April 13. Stay tuned for more information from Brandon and Lisa Rouse.

Gear Swap: We’ll be holding our traditional gear swap again this year. This gives you (and me!) a great excuse to go through all your gear to find anything extra you’re willing to part with, and make a list of what you need for this upcoming season. There is no date yet, but expect it to be sometime before the class starts in mid-April.

Save the date for the SAC Leavenworth weekend, May 10-12, 2019. As in previous years, it will be in conjunction with the BMC lead climbing outing.


Elections were held at the December 2018 Holiday Potluck. In case you missed it, the new Skagit Alpine Club Officers are:

President: Andrea Bachman

Vice President: Phil Wilson

Treasurer: Jenna Price

Secretary: Leslie Parks


Lookout: Travis & Eniko Gomez

Climbing: Brandon & Lisa Rouse

Outings: (vacant) Programs: Jonathan Frostad

Newsletter: John Parks

Social: Karen Howard

Conservation: (vacant)

Dylan on pitch 2 of the Rapple Grapple on Liberty Bell (5.8, Grade II) during the 2018 BMC.

Skagit Alpine Club Meeting Notes: January 2, 2019

Andrea Bachman introduced herself as the new President for 2019 and welcomed members and guests. She invited all meeting attendees to introduce themselves. The club was particularly excited to have a former President and the son of a founding member in our midst. The club enjoyed learning a bit of SAC history from these formerly active members. Hope to see you again soon! Andrea also introduced SAC’s 2019 incoming committee members. Thank you to Joe for volunteering Miyabi to serve as our Conservation Committee Chair. The Outings Chair is still vacant. Please

contact Andrea if you are interested in filling that position.

Thank you to Jarek Kotlarczyk for sharing your beautiful photos and entertaining stories from several climbing trips to Patagonia.

New Business:

The SAC website needs to be updated. The club would like to recruit a member to take over management of the website. Please contact Andrea if you are interested in helping revamp the SAC website.

A mountain goat descending the Shark Fin on the South Arete of South Early Winter Spire (5.5, Grade II).

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